Mr and Mrs Sehgal (New Romantic Novel)

Standalone Romance Book 1 from Mr & Mrs. Series

Kabier and Aashi’s is a marriage of utmost convenience. Everything about the marriage is wrong yet Aashi falls for her tycoon husband who has no time for her. While Kabier is busy earning billions, Aashi battles her solitude until she decides to give up. Jealousy creeps in Kabier’s heart when his wife’s friend comes into the picture. Will Kabier realize Aashi’s worth? How will he woo her back? 

A romantic tale of arrogant Business Tycoon Kabier Sehgal and his Former Miss India Wife Aashi Sehgal with sparks of attraction, love, jealousy and a happily-ever-after. 




Her eyes sparkled as she watched the night lights of the busy streets of Mumbai slide along the tainted windows of their luxury car. This city was her home, and she loved being a part of it despite her boring routine. Parties, Parties and more Parties her life was all about. Shaking hands with people, faking smiles, listening to unwanted gossips, drinking and above all lying about her fortunate marriage was all she did from past 2 years. Sometimes it amused her on her abilities to lie and the patience to adjust. Any other woman with her heart would have left this kind of lifestyle long ago, but she couldn’t.

“Mathur, I don’t want excuses. I want results”

Her husband’s stern voice from beside her broke her stance. As usual, she had forgotten he was just sitting an arm away from her, busy on his Bluetooth headset, talking business. Correction, Kabier Sehgal even breathed business.

“Then bribe them. I want that land for our new premises,” he barked.

She gave him an icy glance before turning her gaze back on the lively road. Money. This was all about money for him. He used his power to gamble with people’s weakness and had built an empire for himself. He was a born businessman and raised by his parents for the same. Nothing could divert his focus from work. Not even she herself – Mrs. Aashi Sehgal, the former Miss India.

“Dammit” he cut the call.

He looked stressed, but she didn’t ask him for any reason. She had stopped poking her nose in his business ever since he made it clear to her she had no right to question him ever.

“I cannot believe we lost this deal,” he said looking at her, pissed.

She swallowed, unsure how to react. Should she sympathize or shower some boosting words at him? None of it would make sense because he wasn’t waiting for her reaction.

“I will have to fly to Singapore tomorrow,” he added.

Again, that wasn’t new. He was out of the country almost half a month and the rest half he was glued to his private office inside their luxurious villa.

They were nearing their destination–the Sun & Star Hotel where one of his Business associates was celebrating his recent success. Her palms dried. It was time to put on that fake smile on her face. As the car parked in the foyer, she stepped out in her Green Designer Gown. Her neck shined with Jewels and the diamonds on her finger ring and wrist sparkled, as she waved at the media desperately clicking their pictures.

Blood drained from her face as his arm slid around the small of her back and pulled her close. This was his usual way of pretense before the media and the rest of the world to show off their fake chemistry. But despite him repeating this gesture from past 2 years, she always felt strange reaction whenever he touched her. Something she was yet to find out why? Giving him a quick side glance and earning a smirk back from her husband, she walked with him on the carpet, holding his hand. To be a part of this fake world.

The host of the party greeted them the moment they entered.

“Mr. And Mrs. Sehgal, welcome to the party”

“Hello Mrs. Patel. You look stunning”

“No No No. Not as stunning as you Aashi Sehgal. You always outshine every woman in every party”

They should praise the jewels on her body for her glow. It had always covered her sorrowful state from being visible on her face.

“Where is Mr. Patel?” Kabier asked.

“He is there with the group”

“I will go meet him”

He left her hand and strode to the men whom she knew would give him a pleasant company throughout the party talking business. His role with her, here, was over. Now he would not even look at her, forget caring if she ate, if she was comfortable with the people she met or if she was even enjoying the party or not. He wouldn’t care. He never did. And like every other time when this happened, she would sulk alone despite being in this crowded place, show patience of communicating to unknown people and socialize with the guests though the only thing she would want to do now was lie down on bed, cuddle a pillow and dream of a life full of love. Where once she hoped to be the star of his life, she settled for nothing less and nothing more than His Vanity Wife.

Ebook – Love Voyage – Excerpt

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All Samaira wanted was some seclusion from her frenzy past when flirty Rehaan invaded it with his charm. As they meet at the Airport to board the flight, sparks fly. Read this short Romantic journey of grumpy Samaira and flirty Rehaan from Boarding to Landing


“What a coincidence?”

She heard a familiar voice. She raised her head only to find Rehaan Malik standing next to her seat.

“We are not just co-passengers but also co-seaters” he dumped his laptop bag into the chamber above their heads and took his seat – 3B.

“Impossible” she mumbled. The thought of tolerating him for another 14 hours journey wasn’t so good.

“I think God wants to see us together” he commented seeing her displeased look.

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Love Voyage (New Romantic Short Story)

All Samaira wanted was some seclusion from her frenzy past when flirty Rehaan invaded it with his charm. As they meet at the airport to board the flight, sparks fly. Read this short Romantic journey of grumpy Samaira and flirty Rehaan from Boarding to Landing



In dark blue denim, white T-Shirt and a black leather jacket, he stood at the opposite counter, sipping his freshly brewed coffee.

“Excuse me?” she snapped. “What did you just say?”

“It’s not waterproof” he came ahead.

She frowned.

“Do we know each other?”

He smirked.

“We are co-passengers”

He showed his boarding pass.

“We are on the same flight” he added.

“So? I don’t need a stranger’s opinions in buying a watch for myself”

“Stranger?” he chuckled. “Are you always so fiery or does air travel makes you so?”

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Stranger in the Dark

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A dark night and your car have broken down leaving you stranded alone in the middle of the road. You have miles to travel to reach your destination. What would be your next step? Take a lift? Fair Enough. But trusting a complete stranger to drop you safe has always been our concern. As a child we have been told not to trust strangers and walk off with them. We have been taught not to eat something what a stranger offer. So, when we are already bound by so many insecurities, how do we take that risk?

We meet all sorts of people in our daily lives. We sit next to unknown people while commuting through public transport. We hire private cabs and taxis at midnight to reach the airport. Trusting these unknown people is inevitable. We cannot always be surrounded by people we know. We cannot always be in a group and safeguard ourselves. So, when you are out there in such a situation where you are taking a lift and have to show trust on a complete stranger, be prepared. Remember your Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Have your family or friend’s contact on your speed dial.
  2. Let them know the details of the vehicle you are travelling in and approximate time of your arrival so that if you do not reach by that time, they can take a follow up.
  3. Communicate with the stranger offering you the lift but do not share your personal details unless it is necessary and you are very sure about it.
  4. Keep a track of the route and do not ever doze off in the vehicle.
  5. Look for the instincts and stay alert.

Not every stranger is bad. You often meet people who leave a positive impact and change your lives for good.

Have you ever taken a lift from a Stranger? What was your experience? My Short Thriller Stranger in the Dark: He is out there is one such fiction which explores the dark side of over trusting your instincts and making wrong decisions which can even take your life.

Stranger in the dark


Sonia loved thrillers. Liked to Blog about them too. But little was she aware that it could all turn back upon her.

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How far can you go to trust a Stranger in the dark? Do share your thoughts.