Attributes of a Lasting Relationship

Whatever your status is right now, doesn't matter. There might have been a time when you were in a relationship, or still are, or might have one soon in the future. You might be choosing that right partner for you looking into a lot many adorable qualities in him or her. There are many quotes … Continue reading Attributes of a Lasting Relationship


Dark Stalker (Drabble)

It is love at first sight for her. This handsome Stranger is stalking her from past few days. He has never made any direct contact so far. But today, he is making a move towards her in this overcrowded bazaar. His dark, sturdy look like a serial killer fascinates her somehow. He reaches closer and … Continue reading Dark Stalker (Drabble)

The Blinking Cursor (One Shot Story)

I stare at the blank Microsoft word page on my Laptop, the Blinking Cursor, my only ally and foe. It’s mandatory for the writers that the Cursor keeps moving forward, with every word they type. I intend the same but even 2 years after my first published book, I haven’t been able to move on … Continue reading The Blinking Cursor (One Shot Story)

The Journey Begins

At some point of our life, we all write. It's within us. The art to express our feelings, our perspectives, our point of views to a single person, a group or to a huge audience. Right from my childhood, I have always been shy, reserved, less talkative in class, trying to keep my profile low. … Continue reading The Journey Begins